Children's Ministry

Crossroads Kids

What is Crossroads Kids

We’re dedicated to partnering with parents to lead children to become fully devoted followers of Christ. The Children's Ministry Volunteers love, lead, teach, and train our Crossroads Kids to make wise choices and trust God. We bring the gospel to our kids through a curriculum that is geared towards their specific level of learning. We provide classes for children from the ages of 0 - 11. Our prayer is that when your children leave this space they learn some of life's greatest lessons, and they experience God's wonder and beauty.

The Experience

Check In / Registration The Crossroads Kids experience begins with registration and a warm welcome from our Children’s Ministry Volunteers. After check-in we will escort you to your child’s designated classroom while giving your family a tour of the Children’s Ministry wing.

Classtime When main service starts, teachers wait an additional 5-10 minutes before beginning class time. The class begins with a game or activity that introduces the Bible lesson for that morning. The activity moves into a time where the teachers explain the "Big Idea" in the most creative and fun way to communicate. Worship! A time is given for the children to use their loudest voice to sing and dance for the Lord. When worship ends children move into a smaller group setting where their classroom teacher breaks down the lesson in a way that they can apply truth into their everyday life.

Checkout After service is over when you come to pick up your child they will have an activity that they completed explaining the day's lesson.

What You Can Expect

You can expect the following in the Ark:

A Clean and Safe Environment

Safety is our top priority at Crossroads Kids, because it's important to our ministry that you are confident in our ability to provide a comfortable learning environment for your child. Each child is “checked in” by a parent or guardian who receives a security tag that matches each child checked in on that adult’s profile. At pickup, children are not released unless the adult can provide that security tag to the classroom teacher.

Trained Volunteers that Have a Love for Children

The Children's Ministry Volunteers love, lead, teach, and train our Crossroads Kids to make wise choices and trust God. We bring the gospel to our kids through a curriculum that is geared towards their level of learning from the ages of 0 - 11.

One "Big Idea"/Lesson that They Can Remember and Apply to Their Life

  • Nursery: A baby may not be able to understand how much God cares about them through words, but a smile and a hug can speak volumes. It is important that nursery teachers show God's love through actions.
  • 2s & 3s: "Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever!"
  • 4s & 5s: "Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever!"
  • Elementary 6-11 years old: "I can be like Jesus!"

A Child Who Leaves With Their Heart Filled With Truth. That God Loves Them and He Desires to Be a Part of Their Life.

Children need to grow up knowing they were made in the image of god and that they are loved by Jesus. So that they will be able to love others accordingly, but they may never understand what that looks like in action. They need strong, faith-filled examples in their lives that are willing to demonstrate what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

Families Impacted

“Our kiddos love going to church so much that they ask, “Mommy when are we going to church?”. They often come home reciting verses or Bible stories that they learned in Children’s Church. Abi and her incredible team of volunteers have created such a positive and safe atmosphere for all of the children at Crossroads, and we are so grateful for them!” -J.R.

“Joshua 1:9 is hanging above my son's bed because that was the first scripture he memorized when was 4. He learned it from the Children’s Ministry, and to know that is God’s promise for him for the rest of his life, is so amazing. The Children's Ministry is planting seeds in my children that God will continue to water for the rest of their lives.” -A.G.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Get Involved in Serving With the Children's Ministry? Fill out a communication card with all of your contact information, and the Children’s Ministry Director will reach back out to you in a timely manner to discuss service options.

What Are the Age Requirements for Serving in the Children’s Ministry at Crossroads Church? If your Child is 12 or older they have the opportunity to volunteer in classrooms as a Junior Helper. Assisting the teacher with classroom activities. See, “How Can I Get Involved in Serving With the Children’s Ministry?”.

Does Crossroads Church Run Background Checks on Adults Serving in Children’s Ministry? Yes, adults 18 and older teaching in classroom settings are required to receive a background check through an authentic organization.

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